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Le Astral

Believe it or not, I didn't sleep very well and 7 o'clock came pretty early! During the trip Corey and I had been talking about eating at Le Astral, our hotels restaurant located on the 26th floor. Well, we figured this was our last chance! We went up for breakfast before boarding the buses back to DC. The restaurant was fabulous! The entire floor rotates and you are given a panoramic view of the city while you are dining. It was really something else! The food was delectable as well. I had eggs benedict, a waffle with fruit and fig sauce AND a chocolate croissant! The french really know how to enjoy and indulge!

Unfortunately, after this it is time for our 15 hour bus ride. At least I will be nice and full for most of the trip!

Quebec was amazing! The skiing was great, the nightlife- amazing and the food- delicious. It was truly a great time!

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I woke up to sunny skys and fresh snow! The wind had died down and fluffy snow gathered on the sidewalks. We were going back to Monte St Anne today and I couldn't wait! Everyone else was moving a little slower so we went to the lodge for breakfast first...then hit the slopes! The entire mountain looked completely different today since the fog had cleared and the sun was shining brightly. The new snow made a huge difference as well. I was sailing down the moguls, winding through the trees and even hit a (small) jump. Surprise! We found a slope called the Enchanted Forrest where you could ski through the trees- these areas are commonly referred to as "glades." There were wood cutouts of different amimals and I felt like Alice in Wonderland! The skiing conditions were perfect, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and the views from the top of the mountain overlooking the City and the St Lawerance were breathtaking!

The skiing was so wonderful that I only took one small break for lunch. One of the guys that I had lunch with ordered.......poutine. Just looking at these gravy laden french fries with heavy cheese curds blobbed on them made me sick. Although I forced myself to try it anyway. My honest opinion is that poutine really isn't as bad as it looks, or sounds for that matter. Athough I'm still not sure who came up with the idea and it probably won't be anything that I'll be craving anytime soon.

On the way home we stopped at the IGA where my roomate and I picked up a wheel of Brie cheese, baguettes, fruit and french wine. I indulged in all of the delicacies when we got back to the room then took a short nap to get ready for my last night on Grand Alle!

We started the night out at Ozone again where each of the boys ordered their own pitchers and were quite drunk...then we went to Maurice for martini specials! I ordered a drink called the St Charlotte and I have no idea what was in it but it was blue and tasted like summer! That night when we went back to Lowes Le Concorde one of my friends had been kicked out of his room. So, we jammed three of us into one of the double sized bed and all fell asleep eating dark chocolate/shortbread cookies!

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Stoneham, Goat Cheese, Crepes!

Today when we woke up it was looking pretty dreary outside but I decided to go up to the resort anyway. Unfortunately, when we arrived at Stoneham it was an all out downpour. So, I spent most of the morning in the lodge. We were given vouchers to spend at the resort so we went to the their onsite restaurant for lunch. I had a delicious sandwich! It was made with goat cheese, carmalized onions, roasted peppers and olive paste on a french baguette. While we were sitting here finishing our lunch it stopped raining! We decided to hit the slopes! Stoneham was a nice mountain, there were small cottages and chalets right next to the slopes.- I wouldnt mind having on of these! A few of the trails winded down through the trees and one even went over a bridge with a stream running underneath it. The scenery was beautiful.

When we got back from skiing my roomate and I decided to walk down to St John Street to take some photos and do some shopping. We stopped at a lovely cafe called Crepes Breton where I tried an authentic sweet French crepe. Mine was served with strawberries and bananas and topped with warm chocolate syrup. Soooo good!

That night as we prepared to go out it started snowing like crazy and was reallllly windy. We went to a bar that appeared to be built into a large rock that was lit by candles alone. It was very quaint. I sipped wine, listened to the French singer and unwound a bit, then forced myself to go back out in the cold. It was so windy that I could barely walk! All of the hurricanes I made it through while living in Florida were nothing compared to this. At several points I even had to stop and hold onto street lights to keep myself from being blown over! Luckily when I made it back to the hotel all of my limbs were still attached! I wrapped myself up in the plush down comfortor and dreamed of my last day of skiing tomorrow!

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Le Massif

Today we were headed to Le Massif for another day of skiing! Unfortunately a lot of the trails were closed because of fog and bad visibility but there were still lots of black diamonds left to be explored! I spent all morning skiing then took a break for lunch but when I headed back out, the visibility was even worse and it was very difficult to see. I decided to retreat back to the lodge for some Baileys and coffee. These drinks were delicious! The bartender served them with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and expresso beans. The perfect drink to warm you up after a long day of skiing!

Once we were back at the hotel we headed to the spa for a relaxing dip in the whirlpool. Then it was time to hit Grand Alle! We started off the night at Ozone where they had a special on shooters. I had several made with tequila and a strawberry liquor...they may have looked like pepto bismo but they tasted like a strawberry milkshake! After a few of these I was ready for dancing at Dagobert! There weren't many people here tonight and I was shamelessly one of the few people on the dance floor but I was having a great time! Most of the boys were a little bored though and decided it would be a good idea to go to a strip club!

We got to the strip club and were slightly disappointed to see that there were only 4 different girls performing. Apparantly some of the other customers felt this way as well. One of them came up to me and asked if I would be interested to dance for he and his friends for 20$. Well, I personally thought that I was worth more than this and said I would only settle for $35. He wouldn't go beyond $30 so I refused. HaHa. We finished our drinks-it was definately time to go back to the hotel.

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City Tour

Today I was able to sleep in-luckily! When I managed to get out of bed I walked down Grand Alle into Quartier Petit Champlain to do some souvenier shopping. I browsed around for a while then stopped at a Von Houtte for a cafe kahaula and a French baquette with fromage de chevre. Both were delicious. I wrote out my postcards then went back to the hotel for the city tour.

We were provided with a guided bus tour through Quebec City. While on the tour we went to the Upper town of Old Quebec. Here we were able to see the well preserved walls of the Fortification Gate, Le Chateau Frontenac, The Dufferin Terrace, Parliament and numerous Cathedrals. We exited the bus for a while and walked around St. John St. then ended up at DuVille Square, a beautiful area with an outdoor skating rink. All of the Christmas decorations were still out and the lights and ornaments were magnificant!

After the tour it started to rain so I spent most of the afternoon relaxing. Then a big group of us headed out to Enzo for sushi! The food was excellent! I even tried Steak Tartar! Of course I wasn't brave enough to order this, but I did have a taste of someone else's and it was much better than I expected! All of the dishes were presented tastefully and the service was very effecient. It was a great meal!

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