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New Skis!!

Well, I wasn't really physically ready to jump out of bed when my alarm went off at 7AM but I knew I was going to be trying out my new skis today so I piled on all my gear and hopped on the bus by 8. Today we will be skiing at Mont St Anne which is about an hour drive out of the city.

My new skis are amazing! They are Jewel Crystal by Salomon and are wonderful! I have noticed a trememdous change in my skiing ability. They make moguls a lot easier to navigate and provide an excellant ride! I was having an amazing time on them. The mountain was great as well. Unfortunately snow conditions weren't very good but this is definately the best skiing I have done on the East coast.

By the time we got back to the hotel I was exhausted and took a much needed nap. Our group leader bought everyone pizza and then we all prepared to go out. I found a tiny little bar in the basement of a restaurant called Vot de Napolean. We ordered drinks there and listened to a french boy singing and playing guitar. He did covers of Bon Jovi, Oasis, Pink Floyd and even Britney Spears! He also sang several French songs which were great! We stopped at another bar called Ozone on the way home where i finished my night with a black russian. Here my roomate met a French boy named Max! We all went back to our hotel room and hung out for a while. I asked him what authentic Quebec cuisine I should try while here and he told me about Poutine.- This is a dish consisting of french fries with fresh cheese curds and covered in gravy. Supposedly the curds freshness is important because this makes them soft but keeps them from completely melting. --This is one thing I probably wont be trying! We all stayed up and chatted for a while then called it a night.

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Picasso Exhibit, Aux Canadians, Dangobert!

I arrived in Quebec City this morning at 10AM after a 15 hour bus ride! Luckily I was able to sleep through most of it so the time went by a lot faster than I expected. I checked into the Loews Le Concorde then headed out to do some touring. Luckily, after reading the map incorrectly and making a wrong turn I accidentally stumbled upon a sign about a Picasso exhibit! The collection was at The National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec and was only going to be there for two more days! I later found out that Quebec City is the only North American location that the collection will be displayed. The collection housed 55 pieces including paintings, drawings and ceramics all created by the artist during his stay in Antibes. The paintings come from a time period where Picasso rediscovered mythological themes, renewed happiness and Mediterranean light. The creatures featured in his paintings included la Chevre-(the goat, my personal favorite!), sea urchine, fauns, and greek gods. The rest of the museum also had several nice pieces done by French painters.

After this I was starving and decided to search for a French restaurant with my travel companion, Corey. We found a cozy place called Aux Anciens Canadians and the food was wonderful! I had escargot served in a garlic pesto marinade and shrimp and scallops baked in a creamy white wine-fondue sauce with French cabernet. For desert Corey and I shared the fudge pie with rasberry sauce. I have to say this is one of the richest deserts that I have ever tasted! French food truly couldnt be any richer!-or more fattening. lol.

We went back to the hotel and got ready for our first night on Grand Alle! Our hotel is located right in the center of all the great nightclubs of Quebec City. We began the night at Maurice which is a very posh disco with three floors-all playing different music but mainly European techno. I started the night off properly with a dragonfruit martini! My roomate and I met some very attractive Canadian men who are on a hocky team and are going to be playing Quebec tomorrow. They offered us tickets to their game but we will be out skiing. After some dancing we headed to Dagobert! This is a famous dance club and it's pumping beats, large screens and attractive males reminded me of the discos in Europe! We stayed here for a while and danced away some of our calories from dinner then went back to the hotel around 4-to be up for Monte St Anne at 8AM SHARP!

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